Mastering service

Exilation can also provide mastering services for your own tracks or your label. Having over 19 years of experience with mastering in all different dance genres, we can give your track the ultimate quality boost! It is also possible to let us do your complete mixdown plus mastering.


Our prices:
Normal mastering: € 35,- per track (40,99$) (ex tax) 
You will send us one mixedtrack with enough headroom - that means no limiter or compressor on master channel.

Full mixdown plus mastering: € 125,- per track (146,39$) (ex tax) 
You willl send us each sound separatelly - up to 30 - and we will mix them and master the final track.


*All services requies full upfront payment via Paypal (once we will agree on mastering - all feedbacks and communication is of course for free)